Update 9.17.1 Common Test Review – World of Tanks PC

The Common Test for Update 9.17.1 has started. What do the new German tanks look like? What change was made to the guns of the top Japanese heavy tanks? How has the interface improved? And how did the Strongholds change? Learn more details right here. Happy viewing!


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  1. Maxi Llaneza

    españo por favor

  2. Gallant Fatco Razy

    good guys WG.. buff russian HTs pls.. long aim time,,bad accuracy ? cant compete with the german

  3. Donald Lovett

    I think that is awesome!!!

  4. Scott Roberts

    How about an Australian or new zealand server so we dont have to play with 200+ ping?

  5. Mauricio Kenway

    ¿Is there anything i can do to recover the 4 months and the $15 i spent in the VK line? i really don't like the new tank, and i don't want it. I started that specific line because of the MAUS, and i'm just too far for the "just go back to Tier VII" answer.

  6. Thedestroyer 24

    anyone else noticed the tier 8 premium TD Strv S1? at the 9 minute mark

  7. Faris Zhafir

    i want 88 mm gun in chi-ri

  8. oifwarveteran

    More maps please.

  9. oifwarveteran

    More maps please.

  10. Renekie

    i see, you really want people stop playing this game right? t10 derp gun? i mean really?

  11. TheWinningTank USA

    EPIC TANK gaming music!!

  12. Playeroh 1



    Make Japan great again

  14. alfredo diaz ramirez

    still waiting on the Japanese Tank destroyers

  15. Elite _Snaker

    The MM in Strongholds will find a clan with the similar skill level, so Fame will never find a Batte 🙁

  16. James FourFourteen

    The core of the problem is that WOT considers premium tank obtained by the usual in-game grind and premium tanks bought in the store. Some of these are sold 120.00$ and more in the store. Buffing down something (virtual) that you paid with hard cash is also hard to swallow. Maybe it's a cultural thing, but in my book when you pay more you get more not less. It's like buying a car and soon after discovering that tires advertised are the one on the car, the engine does not deliver 100 hp. but 80 only hp. and so on. It is called false representation in real life. If a thing is bought a certain way it should be a certain way as advertised. So a good idea would be to discern from purchased vehicles from the store and premium tanks obtained trough in-game grind.

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