Update Review 9.17.1 – World of Tanks PC

Update Review 9.17.1 - World of Tanks PC

New heavy tanks, revamped German tanks, American TDs, British medium tanks, Premium vehicles, improved interface, and important changes to the Stronghold mode. Watch this video to learn more! Enjoy!


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  1. World of Tanks North America

    T95 Best Scout!

  2. Diego Amaya

    queremos la grille y el t110e5 como estaba lo empeoraron

  3. AwesomeDesertTortoises

    make the tog a bit faster cause its too slow

  4. Anirban Chakrabarti

    G W tiger needs a nerf

  5. Ryan Martin

    Not coming back until something is done about gold. I've dropped over $300, and I regret it (I wasn't terrible either, I was a green according to XVM). After playing a competitor, Armoured Warfare, I dropped WOT, because AW seemed to have more fresh ideas. Have fun with in the gold pits… I mean matches.

  6. CJ Panganiban

    when they gonna release the Chieftain Mk. 6? British not yet getting a new tech tree or replacement

  7. Dylan Stapleton

    cant wait till the update

  8. bpeck77

    Oh, they buffed the Maus! I guess they finally got to the complaint records from early 2013.

  9. WesleyWins

    So basically your saying….Get rid of every single tank you own and buy t10 german and other tier german tanks???

  10. Conner

    They showed the strv s1 in the tanks, when it was on the strv103b

  11. PCWarMachine

    So you totally screwed me Wargaming. I have been grinding to get the Maus for like a year with a buddy of mine who's idea it was. A YEAR! And I had unlocked the 4502B and was over half way there in xp to unlock the Maus. And you moved it to a different tree for god's sake! I asked people here in the community about this when you announced it and they said no worries, they will make it so that you won't lose your progress, etc. I had my doubts as you don't seem to be the same company anymore that actually takes stuff like this into consideration.

    You screwed me. I hope you are happy. :/

  12. Jeff Allen

    Anyone wondering if all the positive comments are all from WG employee to offset the massive number of negative ones?

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