Update Review 9.20 [World of Tanks]

You have to see it with your own eyes: rebalanced vehicles from five nations, a new format of Random Battles called Grand Battles, improvements to the stun mechanic, a new branch of Chinese TDs, and another batch of vehicles in HD quality.
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  1. Gabriel Tice

    Bruh legit one fix that would make me giggle is the saving throw factor reduced on Russian tanks. They have the black hole track technology already they don't need both

  2. akbar bagus Pambudi

    wargaming buf t-10 please,armor so weak can't compare with other tank tier 9

  3. Uriah Siner

    Can you say power creep?

  4. Николай Нефедов Destroy Wylsacom – get the "gold" World of Tanks Wargaming launched an action in which celebrities participate.

  5. Hatsune Miku

    A tier 1 in sandbox was at nebelburg for a team training

  6. Dragon Empror

    Plz don't mess up with the maus and the japnees tanks also plz

  7. das van
  8. Bmants

    Forget new tanks, stop the losing. FIX THIS GAME, too much losing and tank rebalance is not the problem. PLAYER BALANCE.

  9. Supaa Dupaa

    They should remove gold ammo and add smoke ammo(or option to use smoke if your tank has it)…It would change gameplay completly…

  10. Paulo Bassani

    Pen is too high, buff armor
    armor is too high, buff pen
    pen is too high, buff armor again
    if we maintain this cycle, the 1 meter armor is comming soon

  11. Paulo Bassani

    Putting that machinegun up again would be the come back that the IS-7 actually needed

  12. Ruffian Eo

    Only took them 5 years to notice that T-44 needed some love…

  13. Chip 61

    How about working on fixing the balance of the teams. The lopsided battles are happening way too much since 9.18 was released and seems to get worse with each update. I've seen more battles where the losing team has 5 kills or less and it's getting boring.

  14. juraj anđal

    Finaly I can make my way to IS 7

  15. Jimngu Gk

    I need a good connection to play this game now a day , under sea line broken making a hit to us in the east Malaysia …

  16. Gary Thibodeau

    YAS CHINESE TANK DESTROYERS FINALLY I only really play china tanks they just suit my playstyle more

  17. Luba Lubi

    Still waiting for Tiger 2 buff

  18. Atlas

    Meanwhile the panther II, TIGER II and the challenger get no buff at all. Mediocre tanks at best.

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