1. Alex Mapping HD

    I cant belive Romanian's defence resisted longer then the german's one

  2. Jimmy HippyHd

    Where is siege of leningrad ???

  3. PenguHD

    when are you gonna stop being bad and make multiplayer videos

  4. Dusan Milovic


  5. golden bonnie the bunny 35 the animator

    i see u choose march of stalin's artillary good choice comrade

  6. Olga Kostyunina

    in a Iron mode Soviet, I got recked by German for 2 years till they took Stalingrad … then … German couldn't advance any single step more to outside Stalingrad after Sovet got massed up with 30 divisions more armed with only tier I weapons …
    the war ended at 1947 after Spain surrended with 13millions russian soldier casualties and 7millions german soldiers casualties … (some how Japan won against U.S but couldnt invade their inland ….)

  7. Aksarayium

    Make part2 fast please !!!!

  8. Jesse Stempher

    The Germans did not even knock at the gates of Stalingrad in your hoi4 game


    How random is this video

  10. vilko krska

    He munched up poor Slovakia like a fry

  11. Logan Nobes
  12. Erkhes Batkhuyag

    russians surely made hitler shit in his pants to death XD

  13. Proud Swede

    Use the "Dark Eyes" song from the Red Army for your next USSR video. It's blyatiful.

  14. Kim Tuominen

    hmm, Interesting. I just watched "Enemy At The Gates" yesterday. Coincidence? :thinking: