Vindicator UM The Poor Mans 152 World of Tanks Blitz

It looks incredible. Fiery and Fierce with amazing artwork and a unique look with the dozer blade.

however…Under this veneer of awesome lies a tank that is kind of meh and nowhere near the equal of its stable mate the predator in terms of engagement and utility.

It’s in essence a poor mans 152, with mostly identical stats on the raw numbers of the gun but many many short comings in the subtle variations, the numbers on the edge that really make up the quality of life in Blitz.


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  1. KDUBB Chris P Bacon

    i want one sooo baaaaaaaaadddd!

  2. Fusion_Entertainment *

    Bush ka how do you have so much gold?

  3. PG Gaming Legend

    The vindicator is a beast as facehugging in you angle you’re armor at close, I beat a amx Foch tierX in a vindicator by facehugging and angling your armor close he eventually gave up and spammed he, but the alpha demolished him…

  4. nOlan1001000

    R u a mod? How do you play with bots?

  5. AnoosKing

    Ok what’s this fight bots thing?

  6. Lord 47

    I use kv-1s and i destroy vindicator and predator easily with no problem with 3 hits on each, they both have terrible armour and damage

  7. Darth Nihilus

    I don't care it looks amazing so it's awesome

  8. Luke Lovvorn

    Sturmtiger much?

  9. MVH

    I got this tank from a Big Container, I' m actually tempted to sell it now.


    They vindicator is not meant to snipe its to brawl and upclose so you can hit with that gun

    I was in the st Emil and it rushed on me and one shoted me

  11. World of Tanks Blitz; [U_S_M] clan

    you don't have the stats right.
    it's a 155mm gun and it has 10° of gun depression. I know you believe it is a horrible tank (aka this video name) but it's a great tank if you play it right. please don't down rate a tank when you don't do great in it. I feel you forgot to say this is ur own opinion and not facts.

    I find it a great tank, it has even raised my WR%. I'm glad they put it out. it's a great tank and again if you play it right it's OP. I've bounced T34(USA) shots. and if I may add the T34usa has the highest pen of all premium tanks. and I seen you only using standard HEAT. you use Premium HEAT unless you have a side shot the premium amunition does an average damage of 545 which is great. you have to play it right and use the right amunition

  12. Nimetön8000

    The gun's like 1000 mm

  13. Amon Lotari
  14. Long Sanrithy

    The tank il is amazing

  15. Angel Death

    every event are crap with useless tanks this tank is horrible. The only use for this is collection

  16. ROller on WoTB

    2 degrees of gun depression well that’s depressing

    Ha WoT puns for you

  17. Meka_Nox WoT

    Dracula is better

  18. Henry Lancaster

    nick name fat cat 4 this tank carful aiming it really got 2 hit the weak spots of armor or use he shells but still fun . henryallord

  19. Pelican Gaming

    on my first game in this tank, i was sniping on the hill on Castilla(by c) and I was shooting light tanks with he. I was laughing my ass off when I hit them

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