W.O.T. RAGE! So many bad games, teams & defeats (World of Tanks Xbox)

Apologies for the intro (Cosmic…2 years later)

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  1. medoyehd

    Getting the same way on PC as well Carrie. My win rate this last month has gone from 50-51% to around 48-49% on PC SEA. At least on console you can change servers in the hopes of something better, whereas PC still hasn't linked their shit together on a cloud. Ease of life I guess, as Pain put it.

  2. Lord 47

    I always wonder… why am i always on the noob team? Why is it always my team and the other team is perfect?

  3. Leon Kaskuske

    The game sucks, same maps over and over, just start you on a different part of map, horrible mismatches, nothing but a scam and total ripoff, even playing free gets old quick

  4. soupy

    once you see the movie you can tell that he has autism

  5. Captain Rednek

    Oh god, shut the fuck up. I'm sure when you win you think it's because you're a bad ass, and when you lost it's because your team sucks.
    Fucking noob to the nth degree

  6. Captain Rednek

    You lost all those games because you're a fucking whiney noob that doesn't know hold to change your fucking mini map.

    More things are happening than in just your general vicinity, rookie.

  7. Captain Rednek

    I interrupted you. WHY THE FUCK are you playing without the full mini map? Fuckin noob bitch boi.

  8. Drew Davis

    Sure you can be a youtuber with with bad win rates see the others are just giving us a false reality of how this game actually is.

  9. SickClown

    If you want a game where skill matters stop playing WoT and start War Thunder. WoT is the worst game in this genre..

  10. QvistYT

    fuck world of tanks is shit every time im getting 64.99 on mark ill die

  11. Nipplehook

    44% winrate? Wow I wish I had that, when I play this tank my WR is 33.

  12. SirJohn

    Everyone I have met has a 50% below win rate. You know why.

  13. Martin Herald

    Stop blaming match losses on your being in a bad team.
    That is ridiculous. But you hear it in WOT all the time. You get long winning and losing streaks and massively imbalanced end of game results because THE GAME IS RIGGED!
    This is one of the things that prove it is rigged because in a 1 in 2 chance of a result, this should not be happening. And just like rigged casinos, they can't hide or stop this.

  14. Martin Herald

    +Cosmic Carrie World of Tanks Console- Diary of a Tanker I could only watch half the video. I can already tell you what your problem is here.
    WOT IS RIGGED. Your win loss rate is most likely above %50. Normally you wouldn't offer that E100 the chance to shoot your side, but you risk it. Because you know even though he didn't have a great shot at your front, he still would have nailed you straight through the front armor (despite the E50's good front armor). This is what happens when the game starts crapping on you to make you lose to get your win rate below %50.
    I can't check your stats they don't seem to be listed. This is also what WOT does, it chases away good players because they become frustrated. You will notice that at the start of the match the first few shots wouldn't hit anything , then they bounced, or got tracks before they started doing anything. This is what starts happening to the entire team, not just you when you keep losing by about 15 to 3. That's why you were pushed back out of that canyon on redshire, Notice the E75 had no problem nailing him straight through the front the first chance it got. The E75 is Kamikaz 64, considering he has now been playing for nearly 3 years his statistics are very ordinary. At a %51 win rate the game probably isn't helping him much at the moment. But at 10000 games his numbers look very ordinary. One year ago when this video was made and he exposed his side to everyone down tough tank alley and got away with out a scratch made me think this straight away. This means he is on a team where he (and perhaps others), are getting favorable treatment by the game.
    I just posted this comment on another video on You Tube complaining about WOT rigging:
    +PANKI_7 There is no problem with the Match Making. It works the way WOT wants it to.
    The game is rigged to keep everyone around the %50 win rate. They think that this makes them more money overall by keeping more players in the game. The video only shows the odd mismatched lineup. The end results, looking at failed penetration shots and complete misses, usually shows the rigged results more often. Usually in about a 15 tanks to 3 result.

    I used to think that the MM was grouping people from losing matches together thus creating losing teams. I was innocent and wrong. The MM is a complicated algorithm that is very well written code as far as WOT is concerned. Because it is a complicated piece of code that alters variables as to the likelihood of your tank and/or team winning at the start of every match. It downgrades or upgrades your view range, armor ratings, chances of getting and receiving hits and criticals every match. It varies the results enough to make you think that sometimes you are just unlucky. So it takes a lot of playing, talking to friends and chatting on the WOT forums, to realize that It does exactly what WOT wants it to do, it is "NOT" a mistake.

  15. Double D

    What's the name of the intro song?

  16. PANKI_7

    First time looking WoT on console, I don't like it, but great video and game mate 🙂