War Thunder – Squad Up „M4A2 (76) W“

War Thunder - Squad Up

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The US Tanks are here and they prove they have what it takes to take on the big boys!

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  1. Soma Azerag

    Damn reminds me of Fury

  2. michael pickrel

    see this is the kind of video's I love watching… One of you guys, Baron, Devil Dog or whoever…. needs to try to do this gameplay as a weekly video. I think it would do very well. Its better than some of the stupidity that goes on in yall's current video's. in my personal opinion this is the best way to play WT.

  3. Rogue Gaming

    but he served our country so it's kind of a Dick thing to say

  4. Rogue Gaming

    until I found out he was in the marines I didn't enjoy the fact that he had the USMC, Because I would take the navy seals over the marines

  5. TriumphTR5

    which douche called for the massacre of millions of Russians by Reagan? what a tool.

  6. Agnus Mason

    5 of one type would make an american platoon.
    then three platoons, one td platoon and one support platoon would make one company

  7. Chayee Kenneth


  8. Kung Ho Lemme Nutt

    why do all German tanks have that stupid weak point on the front makes it really hard

  9. Astrometric

    Isnt that why Jumbo's where made to Lead and take shots?

  10. xViolatorx

    I know this is old, but I loved the opening segment!!

  11. That Person

    Nice intro

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