War Thunder – Tiger II

Lets take a look at my favorite tank from World War II and how it stacks up in War Thunder!


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  1. Rogue Gaming

    the only reason I like the m4 Sherman is the look

  2. Alex Muniz

    AMEN about the Sherman sucking!

  3. evan red

    it wasn't the tank it was the gun js, the 17pdr on the Sherman raped most tanks it came up against

  4. Tofu572

    "Sherman is a terrible tank"
    "If you defend the Sherman you suck"
    Post-war revisionist popular fantasy.


    ya i use it and its not so op anymore unfortunately.  glass turret.

  6. GamerGuy 882

    Devil please do the KV1B 750 (r)
    Please ( german tank )

  7. Quen

    If Hitler didn't betray Stalin he could've taken out all threats in the west. Then after that focus your attention to the Soviets and attack in late spring.

  8. Quen

    I want a press account for WoT and WT.

  9. Yak Yak

    best quote ever. "if you defend the sherman, then you suck"

  10. pheonix crewofnightcreatures

    The first Sherman tanks were terrible because they had very little armor and weak guns some shermans were upgraded and had a better gun but still didn't have enough armor the pershing tank was the only tank that could go toe to toe with a German tank but they only came out at the end of the war

  11. ollo1982

    Here is a King Tiger that have been taken out in a shot in the turret! 🙂

  12. Julian

    DDG you love the Tiger II i love the Tiger I. 🙂

  13. Conan the Barbarian

    British sherman firefly was pretty decent shit armour but good gun could knock any tank out with the 17lb gun,especially once APCR became more of the standard loadout late 1944

  14. TheOdst219

    P.s Sherman 105mm gun shitty armor epic gun.

  15. TheOdst219

    TIGER VOR!!!

  16. gamerx112

    do you like to roleplay as Brad Pitt?

  17. michael Vertrees

    I love the shermans

  18. Jyt 'Vrarum

    7:47 That's what i love to see!

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