Wargaming Dunkirk Announcement Trailer

Wargaming Dunkirk Announcement Trailer

In support of the upcoming epic action thriller Dunkirk, written and directed by Christopher Nolan, has partnered with Warner Bros. to remember the seminal World War II event that inspired the motion picture.

Join Wargaming as they “Remember Dunkirk” to commemorate the 77th anniversary of this crucial turning point in WWII. “Remember Dunkirk” anniversary events and offerings are taking place across the entire slate of Wargaming’s combat video games. The action intensifies in July, as even more events come to the Wargaming “Battle Trilogy” of video games.

A series of emblems, missions and more await all who enter the battle. Join Wargaming and take to the Land, Sea and Air with World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes.


  1. Crude Pixel Inspector

    I love the film I got me really thinking why we make fun of reality and it makes me think twice before I say anything bad about war

  2. chappy0061

    What a shameless exploitation of a historical event for the sake of promoting 3 games which have nothing at all to do with the event. I see no mention in that advertisement for any Dunkirk based scenarios within each game.

  3. JerkyTrof

    A war movie that is set in my favourite part of WWII?


    Teamed up wargaming?


  4. Nifoob

    HEY SOMEBODY. What's the music at the beginning?

  5. Foxmanded42

    Quite alot of soldiers for a game without infantry combat

  6. Leo9dis

    remember uss liberty

  7. Safsoufa Games

    The saddest thing that ive seen

  8. Lt. Joshua

    Forget the air part.

  9. The Wierd Channel

    I love this trailer

  10. Andrew Bloomfield


    So… Im guessing this Battleship is pulling a USS Arizona in the middle of the ocean, huh..
    Bad time for a history lesson, don't you think

  11. App

    Give this comment a thumbs up if you think that improved equipment SHOULD be available for all tiers and gamemodes!

  12. General RG

    I almost cry tho.

  13. Silver Legion of America

    beginning music please

  14. Dario Hunkeler

    What is the song in the beginning?

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