Wargaming just made sure EVERYONE hears about their World of Tanks BULLSHIT

You would think by now that game publishers should know it’s never a good idea to try and remove negative opinions about their games.
No matter what it always makes them look bad and comes back to haunt them, apparently Wargaming, the guys behind World of Tanks, thought they might just get away with it.

Kotaku Article –

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  1. Babyface Cloud

    Who's the other YouTubers you said was covering this story to you guys are like my fav gaming news show always something new to the point and you guys make it fun lol keep up the good work

  2. GamerOC

    Why am I not surprised? How do these people not realize that a lot of these free to play mobile games are dogshit?

  3. Sándor Ottó Pleskó

    This is the guy from the video who is working to wargaming say thank you to him:

  4. xXRedPlaysMcXx

    All I have to do is go to a country where copyright laws don't exist and make a shitty tank battling game to get rich huh

  5. Storm trooper bob

    Its not sirfock its sir FOCH CH

  6. N1NJ4 W4RR10R

    You have to consider he was a partner with the company themselves. Sure, thr tank is p2w, but as a partner he should have put that out in a proper way, not swearing and litterally calling the gun aids.

    The copyright thing was extreme though, specially as they didnt really say the above.

  7. Muskoka Mike

    They're a russian based company….did you expect anything less?

    They are working their hardest to drive customers away in their quest to retain income…..players are leaving in droves, so revenue is down, therefore they do shit to try and generate income….but whenever a company does that, they not only go to the bottom in a handcart, they hire a 500 lb gorilla to push them there…

    I'm not just talking about online gaming, but ANY business….I've worked for a few who start losing customers and income so they increase pricing thereby driving MORE customers away. Anyone with ANY business knowledge knows that in order to generate more revenue, you don't raise prices, you lower them and then sell to more people…..drop your prices by 10% and sell 10 times more items…..considering their premium tanks etc are basically 'free', once you have developed and designed it, you can sell 10 million of them and it doesn't cost you a penny more than if you only sell 1…..

  8. Asphine Nytrix

    you guys did enjoy pronouncing that name right? 😀 I'm surprised you didn't burst out laughing like I did.

  9. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Sir Fock lol xD

  10. TehEpicViking

    You can't copyright anything subject to review.

  11. PuzzlePlayer

    world of tanks is shite.

  12. good samaritan

    games were fun, but I can't remember when anymore.

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