What Tank and Nation to Choose? (World of Tanks Guide)

How to pick a tank or nation in WoT. World of Tanks has a ton of tanks, so this guide will help you pick a nation and a type of tank. Light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, SPGs… For new players, heavy tanks are likely best. Nations: Russia, America, Germany, China, France, Japan, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Britain… The best for new players is probably Russia, America, and Germany.

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Executive producers: Kiskaloo, MohEternal

Special thanks: Joel Williams, Treeo83, Nxtrogen, Maia Nashira, Gwen Scanlon


  1. Carlos Vazquez

    I like heavy tanks so I need a Japanese tank??

  2. b mY fuiend please

    russian tanks and the word balance dont EVER go together i laugh at any player who says that

  3. NCR Veteran Ranger

    You said the word "Tank" 14 times, within the first minute

  4. deez halls

    I want to get into this game but I get wrecked every time

  5. LittleKittyLoverSky

    Why am I watching this after I am close to getting tier 8 ot wot blitz… And have 8 on WoT (the computer version.. ;-;) What is wrong with me.. XD
    Nvm Nice video!! :3

  6. whyyouuglybro jr

    thank you this was very helpful

  7. Muhammad Bilal

    Which tank is he playing in the first half of this video?

  8. I_Like_Tuwtles

    So many people talking about pay to win but brb let me farm these tier 8 premiums in my tier 10 with standard ammo.

    Heavys and mediums = low skill floor, high skill ceiling
    Lights = slightly higher skill floor and high skill ceiling
    TDs = low skill floor and fairly low skill ceiling
    Arty = no skill required

    If you want to be useful, play lights, meds and heavies. If you want to camp and make people say mean things to you then play arty or just camp all game in your TD.

  9. I_Like_Tuwtles

    Please don't play arty. Please.

  10. Rizon's Gaming Pad


  11. rommel marcos

    wot,the classic,play on russia and earn for Kv1,worth it

  12. Dale Roopnarine

    well done vid….great guide

  13. Beni Stingray

    Very informative video thank!

  14. Kelton Mahan

    Hello from lower slabonia!

  15. chainer8686

    I played this years ago when there was a few countries available and I focused on Russian tanks. I downloaded the game again and hopped into my Kv-4 (fully upgraded) and just kept getting wrecked over and over again, not sure what I'm doing wrong or maybe the player base as a whole has advanced and I'm probably considered using old school or noob tactics

  16. chinchilla miguel

    can you change nation whenever you want?

  17. SmileyMan01

    One thing you didn't mention in the video that is a valuable resource for new players choosing which tier tens they want to play is what's known as the "test server", which is a special game server which is available only a few weeks or so before a new patch rolls out, and is intended for players to play on the new patch, and give feedback for the upcoming changes. But what makes this so appealing to new players is what's available on the test server: a free 100,000,00 credits, 100,000,000 free experience, and a free 10,000 gold, which is enough resources to buy pretty much whatever you want, so you can buy any tier ten that looks interesting, and take it for a drive and see how you like it. No registration beyond your normal account is required to play on this server, simply download the test server client, again, only available for short times before new patches are released, and log in. The matches you play on the test server are not logged on the regular server, and neither are all these free resources. Also there is only 1 test server, and it's in Russia, so be prepared to play with higher than normal ping, and lots of players who don't speak English.

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