Why You Heff To Be Mad 13

So much rage no one game can contain it!

„Party Troll Song“ by D1ofAquavibe Available at:

All other music licensed from and


  1. The Mighty Jingles

    Happy Birthday, America!

  2. Marianne Jensen

    Some remember the one with the flying tank over Kharkov? Wasn't it in this series?

  3. starflame34

    12:50 NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  4. kenhutchens513

    The Mighty Jingles, Phly Daily, and DevilDogGamer all at the end that was epic. I want to see more game play with you and those two Jingles. Three of my favorite and subscribed gaming channels that have taught me a hell of a lot in WoT, War Thunder and several others. You guys rock.

  5. mikesky formers

    In the bonus clip it was you phly and devil right just checking out of curiosity

  6. Baby NOOB

    This looks like a fun game but I just don't have the time for it; maybe when I retired, like jingles.

  7. Wade O'Dell

    Wow, what a kickin' tune to start off the gameplay. Good find, Jingles!

  8. Errorname 451UA

    11:17 N-Naini?! K-Kansei dorifto?!
    12:26 Here goes! My special technique! EXTREME-ULTRA-SUPER-LATE-BREAKING!

  9. Filmey

    That manic laugh at the end

  10. BigBadBeef

    What's that song at 11:10?

  11. Ossie Dunstan

    W.O.T =World of Tosser`s

  12. Revampedharpy09

    8:43 and the award for best teammate ever goes to… pretty much anyone who is NOT that guy!

  13. El Po

    i have a screen somewhere, i did a game like the first clip. i was the only one that did dmg, we capped and won. total dmg was about the same as here

  14. darht vader

    10:48 thats actually my language that t67 spelled lol. And that were all bad words…

  15. Baby NOOB

    Jingles vil laugh is classic. You should patent it n use it for a game.