Why You Heff To Be Mad 18

Is only game, why you heff to be mad?

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  1. ferrelx

    lol 8:36

  2. Marc Stark

    that wz 111 play must have felt so badass haha

  3. 0Zolrender0

    161 people actually took the time to dislike this? Why you heff to be mad?

  4. Eric Taylor

    awesome accent, jingles. always a pleasure to watch, learn — and howl with laughter 😉

  5. James

    Jingles, you're a master of literal laugh out loud moments. Thanks

  6. Rein Ryuumata

    So glad i'm not the only one that hears that at the end of wash out battles lmfao

  7. Bruce Goodwin

    Ultimate Jingles stuff. Thumbs up!

  8. Barry Dunham

    That KV-2 wow.

  9. Contax

    @10:30 What you just witnessed is the mating ritual of the IS tank line

  10. ZGuy0fSci

    10:20 Any questions why some many to include myself quit playing WoWs after halfway this year? XD

    (when a random shot can full HP kill you from across the map, but perfect shots just bounce or overpen)

  11. WirableCrown1

    Some people say, If you play on the Russian server late at night and drink some vodka…… The IS4 and IS7 are still there….

  12. warren lynch

    I didn't know they allowed tank porno on YouTube…………………IS-7 mating season?!?

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