Why You Heff To Be Mad 9

Is only a game. Why you heff to be mad?

„Party Troll Song“ and „In A World of Derp“ by D1ofAquavibe Available at:

All other music licensed from and


  1. ismael dumas

    Bone company garden under expectation.

  2. Orion Gamer

    How do you get the taskbar to not pop up when you point down? It always gets me killed!

  3. Bob Bobby

    27 torpedoes launched at montana, exactly 0 hit. That's pure matrix skills

  4. KV2 _chan

    the IKV couldve said in chat "help ive flipped" but all he did was spam the HELP! button sooooo

  5. Ben Hamilton

    12:15 hey Zankyou he was in another one

  6. Robert Lamb

    when you dodge 35 torpedos………….

  7. MrRevup90

    that grille must've had a cheeky ass smile after blowing through 5 tanks lmao

  8. Colin Frazier

    I want to know what the name of the song is when the Montana dodges the torpedoes and begins to fight the destroyers. Plz? XD

  9. Tracytron 54321

    I thought I was watching Jingles lol

  10. P Missling

    I got excited when I heard the theme to Spaceballs….

  11. TartanCaesar

    whenever jingles says console peasants i just laugh my ass off because i play on console and everyone i know prefers console to pc. one we got tiger 131 and also the fatherland and motherland and tons more. secondly with the physics we don't get killed when we flip the tank

  12. Meow I'm a Cat!

    I liked the last GIF 😀
    Hahaaaa! Oh well…

  13. Christian Anthony

    Um…shouldn't that be a thumbs up at 4:43? 'Cause thumbs down meant you lived.

  14. Orphican

    03:2804:13 What is that song???

  15. Torgor Janota

    I remember one of the last games i played in the type 95 where I somehow managed to arc an explosive shot into a tier 4 German medium's commander hatch from somewhere around 350 meters. it was a one shot, needless to say.

  16. gregory wray

    hey jingles you are a riot man you take a game and turn it into a funny game

  17. Alex Gutierrez

    by far one of my favorite series for you man. WE NEED MORE

    OH lord where are my manners…we need more please my good sir

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