World of Bots – World of tanks overflowing with bots

Have you guys noticed that there are more bots in world of tanks , or more afk players ? I have recently encountert alot more bots and afk players . What is your oppinion , do the bots or afk players annoy you ? Do you want Wargaming to do something against it ?

What to expect:


  1. Adrian Fidi

    the game is frustrating , not the bots

  2. Brad Petrie

    Probably you already figured it out, but the bots are mostly run by the game devs to pad their numbers – hence nothing will ever be done about it. I stopped playing World of Warships because of this.

  3. Kyeran Wang

    Why so salty to that arty player? It was you did not re-posite yourself after the first shot.

  4. MatthewGames1

    if you are at low tiers (seal-clubbing or new) there are tonnes of fake gold selling spammers who flood the chat. creating new accounts as soon as they get banned always random numbers and letters for spam bot names. the worst part is the gold selling spam is just to rip off the newer players because you can't actually transfer gold in wot.

    about 50% of low tier games i have played there is at least one spam bot.

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