1. Fire Monkey

    lol its really feel like playing with real crew members. but we can't win this way. its hard to control the tank . but steel its fun.

  2. Crazy Wow


  3. VimeWorld BLOKADA

    ты руский я знаю тимур

  4. Eric Sabo

    big like on this one for sure! For an old guy trying to play on a laptop is hard. Wheel needed wheel done, well done>>>>>><<<<<<<<<

  5. I Climb Everything

    Goes to hill on Prokhorovka in an E100
    Has no consumables
    On a laptop
    Lowest settings

  6. Calvin Barnes

    I meant to say send me a comment on how you got on the World of Tanks game

  7. Calvin Barnes

    I have a G27 racing wheel and I'd like to have you Santa Clara comment on how you got to play World of Tanks I'm not computer literate so if you can go slow with me ilike2learn thank you

  8. เกรียน คอมเม้น

    Good Job.

  9. Pieterjan Deprez

    that long fingernail of that guy at de racing wheel

  10. Reszer kxk

    gg wp

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