World of Tanks│World of LoLs – Episode 14

A lot of random shite! WOOP WOOP!
This episode was kind of frustrating to make because of a few
problems I had with my editing software, but it’s done so whew!

And a heads up, this is the LAST episode that will be made on my laptop! Which means, yes, I finally got a new PC!!! Well, for the most part. I’m just saving up for the Graphics Card now :P…
So this episode was mostly recorded with integrated graphics on the new rig, and yet, it’s better than the GPU of my laptop…so that kind of speaks for itself…
Anyway! I’l probably post an UPDATE video when I finish setting up my PC and stuff. We’ll see what I think of ;D …
Shouldn’t be long now, but until then:
Thanks for watchn‘ ! Cheers!
You can now send me your replays! But please write the time of the moment and describe what happens as accurately as
Submit them here:
——— –
Thanks to everyone who submitted their replays for this episode!
If your replay isn’t in the video, and it wasn’t bollocks, It means I’l use it in future episodes!

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°Witches – There she is,
°Royalty free – 1975,
°Royalty free – Pisco Sour,
°Glee club Polka,
°Spongebob Remix (Eugene The Dream),
°Edvard Grieg – In the hall of the mountain king,
°Merry Go Slower,
°Morning Stroll,



World Of Tanks:


  1. Nap Sta
  2. NoB 22

    Are u polish ??

  3. Kısa Cevap Veren Adam


  4. 楊杰霖

    is your churchill got M at that round?

  5. SC P

    seeing the older replays just makes me miss all those maps Q~Q they were so much fun

  6. Out With John

    Uh Jebote kos HAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. BDGR Bor D GameR

    iamandonly žabar

  8. Link Legardien

    it's so fun to ear the voices of the characters of TF2 x')

  9. T CaptAmerika

    Best moment : "run away"

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