World of Tanks │ World of LoLs – Episode 8 Christmas Special

The Christmas special is here!
Yeah… „special“ cuz 10 minutes… Hurraaah:Đ! I hope you enjoy it anyway!
You can now send me your replays! But please write the time of the funny moment and describe it as accurately as
possible. I’l try to go through all of em‘ ,but I can’t make any promises!
Send them here:
Hey guys I hope the 10 minutes makes up for the lack of videos for these past few months…. but I got alot going on and also Im a lazy fuk.
As usually this is the part where I ask you to like and comment and subscribe and kiss my ass and hug Obama etc…. But no.

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° Blarsa – Garden party
° RetroFuture Dirty – Royalty free
° Alexander Marcus – Homo Dance
° Doh De Oh – Royalty free
° Alexander Marcus – Homo Dance
° Initial D – Running in The 90s
° PON3 – Go wacky with Nowacking (Bass Cannon)
° Merry Go – Royalty free
° Scheming Weasel – Royalty free
° Plucky Daisy – Royalty free
° The good the bad and the ugly – Ennio Morricone
° Super Polka – Royalty free
° B-Roll – Kevin Macleod
° Harlem Shake
° Celine Dion – All by Myself
° Venga Boys – Boom Boom
° Vangelis – Chariots of fire
° Circus theme
° Nyanimals – Thomas Ripper


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  1. venom 298


  2. Kristian Verner


  3. Luka Stojanovic

    hahahahahahahahahahaha epic video oneandonly016

  4. Glory To Artotzka Artotzka lover

    Running in the 90s LOL

  5. Kanter Robert

    1:49 beat drops 😀

  6. Jeffrey Osorio escobar

    hows the end song calles?

  7. Swagyt 7

    8:07 he ate him ahhahahahahah

  8. Alphamaniaca

    Am I late? Sorry I just started watching ur videos

  9. Gloria Harrison

    Merry Christmas one and only 16

  10. Kanter Robert

    from 1:37 it was so hilarious 😀

  11. BOOST WoTB

    For Science lmao

  12. Kalle -dragonform-

    Lol try world of tanks blitz on ipad coz it wuld be funny too

  13. Karel de Tweede

    what is the boom skedde boom skedde boom song?

  14. Zelgadis Elenyel

    For science XD

  15. DealingWithGaming

    WorldOfTanks was going on a date with MEMES and then thay had a kid and that's how WorldOfLols was born…..
    The More You Know…..

  16. ThatDanishGuy

    I just want the sample to that mr.Torgue line would be fun to have that as my oh shit im spotted sound xD

  17. Doge THE SWAG

    8:16 JOHN CENA RKO

  18. finn tarrach

    homo dance alle tanzen den homo dance

  19. Vincent Liu

    I like your vids man

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