World of Tanks #1 – That one bounced!

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A not so funny moment when a light German Pz 2 G tank encounters a Heavy Russian KV2 for the first time



  1. Hazel Beso

    Derp derp derp derp derp

  2. That One SS Worker

    Russian Bias 101

  3. HT HT

    WoT peasants

  4. ibrahim khalil

    ha ha ha

  5. bird fish

    This is why i stick to warthunder

  6. doom ox


  7. Captain Jaguar


  8. Cameron Porter

    Noobs be like….

  9. Dave Struble

    First time I encountered a Kv2 was in my m3 Lee. Well it was alot like this lol!!
    Now I dish out the pain in my own Kv2

  10. aquariuspro gamer

    0:28 why did you use a hound howling ?

  11. Cheezey breezzy

    Stalin's death star/fridge machine

  12. A Grill

    Matilda/obj 252 in a nutshell

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