World of Tanks || 1 vs 13 – Matilda

World of Tanks || 1 vs 13 - Matilda

World of Tanks. Today Thurandyl is going on a rampage in the Matilda as he attempts to go 1 vs 13!

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  1. Tim Gast

    Most OP tank. On WoT Blitz I 8 times got 7 kills… and 1 team has 7 players. So i got every kill and I am not a really good player. And that all was easy. One time I won an 1v6, because only 1 of them couldt beat my tanky armor… also the cannon is completely OP.

  2. ethan4312

    I have it but was using the wrong him now I know and will be switching out the gun

  3. RojoFern

    I've taken a brake from the Panzer line and have started to grind towards the Matilda
    On Medium 3, very excited

  4. Rusty Dusty

    Come with me mighty tankers, and load all of the gold ammo, ITS MATILDA HUNTING SEASON!

  5. Edward Williams

  6. the furriest of furries

    The matilda's fucking dirty….

    …..and I love it.

  7. louisphilippe1100

    Slowest vehicle on wot ever.

  8. Gr3atSam1

    Somebody notice that "Demon" written on the side of the tank?

  9. Сергей Кирьяков

    Didn't know this game is also popular in the UK

  10. Järki Käteinen

    The armor is not even good. Any tier 4 can pen that frontal armor. Turret is also just too weak. I would not trade mobility for such a weak spot filled shit tank.

  11. FDBF


  12. Jan Berendrecht

    I always hated my matilda and I never had a good game with it

  13. Adrien Pavlopoulos

    AMX-40 can do some dammage

  14. Howdy Hoo

    I play hetzer at tier 4 and t28 and m5 Stuart

  15. Demian Skr

    its just so slow

  16. rimaDKSFB

    I think the Churchill III iz better

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