World of Tanks || 110 – 14 KILLS

World of Tanks – 110. Today txzoll has his work cut out for him as he prepares to take down almost the entirety of the enemy team single handedly.

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  1. Doomslayer

    Wow….. Good play but so lucky… XD

  2. GamerTag97

    those Chinese pancakes are good

  3. GameNova

    stats need to be gone in WOT!!!!

  4. GameNova

    stats need to be gone in WOT!!!!

  5. Athor

    First time seen an E-25 not shooting gold

  6. `Nero

    Im just happy to hear that you pronounce "Raseiniai" correctly

  7. Skank Hunt

    Was the only one cheering on the O-Ni? I love my Japanese super heavies though…
    Spoiler O-No! The O-Ni! Like a samurai

  8. Liam Gonzales

    quickybaby!!!! have u forgotten about the TARCZAYS MEDAL? or is just to hard to get?

  9. Sylver

    If the E25 had used APCR (like most E25 players do at least a bit), this would have not been a victory. So please thank players that do not use premium ammo and allow skilled players to use their armor. =)

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