World of Tanks || 110 vs Stalingrad

Today I’m playing the T8 Chinese heavy tank the 110 in a tense round on Stalingrad, a map I’m still learning, with Jingles and Ik.


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  1. Traveller

    Hi QB, I bet you keep your chat off all the time, otherwise you get distracted by your QB-fans isnt it? 😛

  2. Kenny Ruiz

    Would it have been better to reverse side scrape ?

  3. Enz

    112? I just use a 105mm and pen the lower plate

  4. Majestic Javelin

    4:46 Lel! XD QB Trying to be the good guy. Then life comes and wrecks your life 😛

  5. Jan Akermann

    I think that the IS-3 would not have been penned in the side by the Tiger P and would not have been killed there.
    The allround protection of the IS-3 is definatelly better!

  6. ___Q1B__ on Blitz

    vk 30 01 p is a Medium tank :0

  7. 2205helgi

    T28 have now 1500 health1

  8. Layne Smith

    Actually Quickybaby, the 110s hull amour is so bad that tier 6s can pen it easily, when I played mine the only good things about it was the turret, the half descent gun and speed.

  9. Andreas Charitoudis

    IS3 or 110?

  10. Rhinox

    i know this is an old video but how would you compare the 110 vs the hd is3?

  11. StarTrek123456

    the VK is a medium.

  12. mateo rivera

    QB a great tip: reverse sidescraping.

  13. Carla Barriffe

    I did love it

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