World of Tanks: 112 Review

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  1. MFishingBC

    how do you trade tanks>?

  2. janespright

    Does the IS-6 have preferential matchmaking or not?
    I checked the wiki and it said the tank sees tier 10

  3. Roger Rondeau

    I traded my IS-6 for the 112, as I no longer needed it for crew training and hardly ever played it. The 112 is a beast and I don't regret the trade in. You can abuse the armor on the 112 and it side scraps like a boss.


    thinking of getting this as i like to have something at tier 8 that is Chinese that isn't a Hype 59. T-34-3 looks fun with that 122mm. but no chance am i selling my T34 for it.

  5. Harbinger Zero

    Finally! I keep telling people 112 > IS-6 and getting laughed at. I'll just send them here next time. Good video, thanks.

  6. RM Hampel

    I'm looking to dump that dog of a tank, the AMX CDC. I just don't think I'm good enough to play a tank with armour made of wet cardboard, despite it's speed. Once and a while, I'll have a good game in it (when the stars align). But, most of the time, it's so tough to win in. Thanks for the info on the WZ-112 mate.

  7. Rokim1983

    Did he just said it was mistake not loading premium ammo against tier 6?

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