World of Tanks || 12 KILLS IN SPG – NO PROBLEM

Today WarPig117 is going to get the most kills I have ever seen in an SPG in World of Tanks. His weapon of choice? T6 British SPG FV304.


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  1. Kurt H

    I don't mind typical arty (especially now post-nerf), where you can typically protect yourself with directional terrain.

    But this arty is just pure BS.

  2. kubilay ünsal

    this tank have still same gun?

  3. Caiden Wichert

    The only broken artillery is the lefh

  4. CC VmobilePH

    RIP SU-100

  5. Marten Garicano

    "Rear violater is going to push in"
    Wait what

  6. Dan Forbes

    12:17 In a battle, edstroy all enemy SPG's. Do you think wargaming has noticed?

  7. sverige27783

    You shouldnt speak this u in Hummel like an a, cause its fucking wrong

  8. TheKeeeks97

    skilled arty player … well
    never move after a shoot if the enemy team has got 3 arties
    very skilled arty player…

  9. Kurt CG Lozano

    Which keys did you use for a map target.

  10. oceanicblue100


  11. Christopher cunliffe

    Ive put a FV304 replay on wotreplays called "Nail biting game you wont regret watching ☠" over 3k damage and 6 kills, Ace tanker" a
    The end of the game had me shaking for victory! Going full TD mode with another arty!
    Username "heavyweap0n".
    Let me know what you think :).
    Hope quickybaby also has a look at it haha.

  12. FalenBro

    I got a mastery badge and counter batery in my t4 german arty (pz.IV) in a t6 match

  13. Noone

    12:23 typo, it says edstroy

  14. Drew Davis

    No one ever sits still and drive in straight lines when im on my fv304. and your team will always lose a flank leaving you in a run or die situation, or they just let the scout run thru their entire line to kill you. To add insult to injury they love tossing me in city maps non stop.

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