1. Yellow Submarine

    Why the german voices are so much than my National Voices setting?

  2. Lukáš Podleský

    Today dmg130 and p157

  3. Влад Чудаков

    колесико не трогай больше на мышке, придурок. Или ролики свои неврастенические не выкладывай.

  4. Alexander Prokhorchuk

    Still pity for ELC.


    Does this tank get light tank camo rating

  6. Ruben

    Downvoted because you acted like a douche and lied to that ELC

  7. Anno Nymus

    4:45 You are an asshole

  8. Marcel Ebert

    Player 1, Team 1: "Pz 38 hahahaahah"
    Player 2, Team 2: "A-20 hahahahaha"
    Player 3, Team 2: "Ur face hahahahaahh"

    …I lol'ed

  9. jmtaylor

    that was a realy good game but the enemy team was a bit of noobs too

  10. Devil Doggy

    The only thing that I dont like in aufkl.panther is that tale-like think in its back 😉

  11. Faiq Asyraaf

    what mm do you use

  12. adolf hitler


  13. Diabloteur136

    nice game =)

  14. T3cHniqueszz

    daaaaaamn that game was soo epic fantastically played m8

  15. copee3

    Before I was thinking "All this for a puny little light?" We'll, I now have some inspiration to use the leopard. xD

  16. Emmet A


  17. Felix Ahlberg

    EPIC team kill xD

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