World of Tanks – 1440p | GTX 980 Ti – i7 5820K | Overlay Infos

World of Tanks - 1440p | GTX 980 Ti - i7 5820K | Overlay Infos

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CPU : intel i7 5820K @ 4 GHz
CPU Cooler : Corsair H110i gt (watercooling)
MB : MSI X99S sli plus
GPU : EVGA GTX 980 Ti Hybrid @ 1400/3800 MHz
RAM : Corsair Vengance LP 2133 MHz 16Go
SSD : Samsung 840 EVO 500 Go
HDD : WD Caviar Black 1To
ALIM : Corsair RM1000 W
Case : NZXT H440
Screen : ASUS PG278Q (2560×1440 G-SYNC)


  1. ExaLIFFeed

    why video in 1080p? Why not 1440p?

  2. Dante Inouye

    bro, why do you only have that 5820k at 4ghz? I got mine to 4.6 stable on 1.45 vcore, and to 4.4 on 1.35, all with safe temps on a H60. Did u try pushing it further?

  3. Matteo Zaina

    which program do you use to see cpu, gpu use, temperature and clock?

  4. Abel LLL

    this game is badly optimized for sure 🙂

  5. Daniel DeLeon

    Hey man how did you get the rivatuner to display the gpu usage etc. I have 980ti sli and a i5 6600k and i want to see the gpu usage and cpu usage.. Every other game i play works but WOT wont diaplay it

  6. Giannis Chatzipetris

    i get the same fps on 1440p same setings with r9 290x and a g3258 4.7ghz

  7. D3lsinRow3

    Given its CUDA capabilities and GPU acceleration, how good is this card for video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro? I want fast render times for editing 1080p60 console game footage and 4k in the future. Thanks.

  8. Error404 Uky82

    Hahahaha what a joke,I play on gtx 970 end y play at 80-124 FPS always on 144 monitor

  9. J Vilander

    1080p test please

  10. yahoo911emil

    yo dude is this a good graphics card?

  11. - Cube DE -

    The i7 5820K is not a Gaming Prozessor..

  12. SandyRavenge

    could you do a video on Black ops 1 and black ops 2 and btw with black ops 1 open console and type max_fps 0 so it unlocks fps i just wanna know xDD

  13. Keisuke Takahashi

    thanks. just goes to show how poorly optimized this game is. But it is so fun 🙁 Thanks for the vid though.