1. DeHarrie !

    Wow, sometimes it's so simple 2 solve these kind of problems. Ty!

  2. Ronin T

    I am playing on EU , I don't have such problems

  3. Matt M

    You earned a new sub tonight, hoping your channel grows fast, you deserve it from what I've seen.

  4. Mohammed Nasar

    asia has just one server!!!!!

  5. Koen Scherini

    does anybody know how to do this on the oceanic server it does not give me the option of servers only W.O.T although waiting did drop my ping from 480 too 280 but id be happy with 80ms like i can get somehow playing league of legends? can anyone help or offer tips?

  6. Chris P

    To help those who have crap ping after they have signed in, you can do the same thing by clicking on the 'Settings', and changing the 'server'. Wait for the pings to refresh (can still take time), and click on the one that's green.

    It's the same basic concept, but works in-game. This morning, even after refreshing, it was faster by 200+ms for me to connect to West than East on the NA server! Fortunately, the servers sorted themselves out shortly thereafter, and I was able to go back to East, which is normally 30ms faster for me.

  7. Andrew Arndts

    yah, that is fine for maybe 5 matches, then I get switched without doing anything other than choosing a different ride, to a shit server and Ping spike over 700…

  8. Chris P

    Totally worked for me. Ping on first server: 324. Ping on the server I connected to? 92. In-game ping went from 999 to 70-100. No other changes were made.

  9. Michael Bielke

    Great tip Dauntless, I have seen this but did not connect as to why. i will use this from now on. Great post!

  10. Jason Strickland

    This is a great addition to the already growing library of awesome you are building! Keep adding more videos. One critique, get a better mic, sounds kind of fuzy coming through, maybe its something else but I don't know about that kind of stuff. ign JasonLeeStrickland

  11. Silverlakerider

    WOW! Hory Crap! Thanks for the tip Dauntless! I never knew that about the servers, that will definitely help some of those reticle lag moments etc.

    Hey, I got an idea for a new "series" for you. As this happened to me about 6 times today and you could call it: #LearnToReadAFCKINGMAP!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe showcase that just because you win the flank your on doesn't mean you HAVE to keep pushing forward. Look at that little thingy in the lower right hand corner (its a 2D map and not GPS) and lots of times its prudent to TURN AROUND and actually go back to your own base. And of course you get the smart aleck comment from a guy in a slow tank stating he's too slow, but if you look it's just as far back to base as it is to their base! A lot of close brawling points are roughly midway. (OK, rage over – I'm better now!) 🙂

  12. Fafnir Icingdeath

    Holy shit snacks, I have to say I was skeptical about your tip but I just went from playing with a 319ping on the east server to a 90 ping just by waiting a couple minutes.

    A very very excellent and practical tip for every single player that did not know this lol, the answer was so simple.

  13. Kilo


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