1. Tony Wu

    So awesome I love world of tanks I play it every day

  2. Tunç Hüner

    3:08 T 34 85 vs MAUS ?!?!?!?!!

  3. Fernando Macias

    bien cuullll

  4. Raichumen shit

    мне нравится

  5. Elias Padilla

    0:41 that's a valentine II cause it has 2 balls of steel, especially to take on a Panzer VI

  6. Jeffrey Osorio escobar

    Who won The T95 Or The tiger II i think its tiger tank idk

  7. RBX_1

    what's the music in this video ? thx for answering if u do 🙂

  8. KinG TiGeR


  9. Ionut Nascut

    LIKE !

  10. uzený maso

    super song and this is awesome!

  11. Sebastián Stryžovský

    music good but, video …

  12. xd_maks_xd 123

    i love music

  13. vrrkhm najvecsia filka na servru


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