World of Tanks 2015 Trailer

World of Tanks 2015 Trailer

Can we aim for 10 likes?
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Footage is from Wargaming and the Song is Martin Garrix Animals (Will Sparks Remix) and Key N Krates Dum Dee Dum
Fish10x10 Channel:…
Where I got the idea:…


  1. Michal Vlček

    Sry 5:00

  2. Michal Vlček

    What SONG 8:05

  3. PopKingCZ
  4. PopKingCZ

    What Song End ?

  5. Phamhuynh Ducthinh

    i like the kv-1

  6. Karel Zelinger

    niiiiiccccceeeee song

  7. igor krzemiński

    fajna muzyka

  8. shiroe stang

    Awsome 😀

  9. liem thanh Nghuyen

    why Tiger use 7,5mm gun ….. the hell

  10. Louis jang

    thanks i like your idea of this trailer and song i love it!

  11. Ioan T

    The song ruins the whole video

  12. GoldSnail Gaming&More

    This is just the real trailer cut

  13. georgios k

    COOL MUSIG !!! 🙂

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