1. vvav

    WG made this tank generic as hell when they redesigned it. It's like they just gave all the tier 6 lights the exact same gun because they don't care about lower tiers at all.

  2. David Marks

    its 138 180 now so it must of been buffed since this video was made. I am grinding to mine right now got 3600 exp left. this tank looks sexy

  3. Hakyobi Shift

    Ah the 59-16 chinese light tank so good with its auto loader, now that wargaming took away the auto loader it's not that threatening anymore

  4. Borghesi tanck

    hate smart rats (lt)

  5. Brian Osborne

    excellent job dude
    You're teachings are making you my favorite

  6. Tanner Lilley

    I hate this useless pile of junk…it was the reason why i quit the Chinese light line…at least the Mediums can take more than one shot

  7. Gouky

    63% … Damn I am still can't get past 56.9
    Have 2 marks on this tank

  8. charlie no

    right to the point the 59-16 is devastating in the correct hands

  9. typeviic1

    Stock gun, stock gun, stock gun……………………….

  10. hasn abdon

    What is your computer type and specifications How to Make GPU as beautiful as you have pleas if somw body know tell me pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

  11. Silverlakerider

    I tried your sneaky sneaky spot on Swamp the other day in my MT25. Checking out the players and tanks in queue, the only tank I was concerned about was the enemy Bulldog, and of course he went there as well and I got REKT! Oh well, maybe it'll work out next time. lol

  12. floppyapple

    My favorite tank. I'm not very good, and I'm trying to get two marks and I'm on 80 percent. Any tips? That 76mm is just so fun to play. It's not the most competitive tank, but it is in my opinion the most fun.

  13. alein81902

    Another thumbs up!

  14. Jacob Mello

    Very nice! I liked how you did the end, there are some very helpful spots you show off. IF you want a suggestion for a tank to make a video of I could always use tips on the AMX 1390…….

  15. Naomi D

    Welp, I think I can say that I am hooked! Awesome vids man, awesome vids.

  16. Jay Kei

    59-16 is nice tank but it only works if you load premium ammo. Because you can use a Gun Rammer even if it is an autoloder make the reloading time awesome 😀 Congratz on your 100 subs

  17. ZoM_ 2014

    XD i just subbed. im number 100. ur welcome. Nice to find sum1 else who does commentary other than QB, Jingles, etc.

  18. Gabriel Wolf

    Just subbed as 95th lel, anyways nice replay, i've been wanting to go up thisline and i think using the 57mm can be more effective and more carry capable than the autoloader

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