World of Tanks 63 Type 59 Textbook Malinovka House Hugging

World of Tanks 63 Type 59 Textbook Malinovka House Hugging

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  1. Captain_Skipper

    More live matches please?

  2. RIGZ 00100

    More durps in space

  3. tititakos mitsakos

    I started playing World of Tanks 3 days ago and it is a really awesome game 😀 I've played with almost every faction to test some things out and I've gotten master tanker 3 and 2 and my last match I got an ace tanker on the starting french tank(I had unlocks for it) 😀

  4. Samuel

    Where's the mount and blade warband? 🙁

  5. The Grinning Viking

    I wondered why the tank was getting bigger, then it hit me.

  6. Red gui-of-tar

    Vechs get the T40 (tier 4 American TD) it has the 105mm like the wolverine and the sherman, but 1 tier lower and can only face tier 3-6, not 3-7. It's so fun please make a video on it.

  7. Hasicio1

    Oh god how i love when you say Malinovka XD (Im czech and Malinovka is a Czech name of the map ) Please say it more !! 🙂

  8. Octavian Baiu

    That's not a verygood ideea. The better strategy is to go where the 12t went in the begining, because hugging the houses you will get shot from the hill in the north. If you look the 12t got more vision than you even thou you were closer..

  9. Carl DeScott

    I'd bet you'd like Civilization V or Spore for the customization aspects. Also, if you don't mind me asking, what would be your favorite tank so far?

  10. leavus

    i want that type59 so bad :/

  11. OZX7S


  12. OZX7S

    Vecgs its pronounced MA-Lin-a-vka

  13. venum

    suicide scouts </3

  14. TheAntropod

    Its not malinOvka its malInovka

  15. thewilltosurvive1

    I've always loved his intro xD

  16. Gabe Vald

    You should try gnomefather's gun sound mod.

  17. Gr3nad3_Man1c

    You should check out Factorio; it can be pretty calm and casual, but those biters will swarm if you're not careful!

  18. HikaruDragonfly

    Vechs, you should play around as the American Chaffee if you have the chance to get to it sometime!

  19. jeff RockHallKnives

    #winning……yep that's all I could think to say…….

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