World of Tanks || 8.10 Japanese Tech Tree

A preview of the new 8.10 Japanese Tech Tree!


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  1. SRB CountryBall

    I hate eargameing i wannt yugoslavien tech three!!!!!

  2. The Blue Mapper

    2017 any1?

  3. Killer 725

    For me the tree become sweet at chi-ri. Chi-to was meh and before that the tree tasted like shit

  4. Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

    japanese tanks most of them lack the armor and tall but once u know how to use one of these then they can be one of the best. I loved my chi-ri is was like pum, pum, pum and short mag reload was awesome. Really want the STB1 that thing is gorgeous.

  5. Aidou Hanabusa

    Please post some video about the tanks and why so expensive. I'm was confuse my T32. T_T

  6. Jimmy Wilson

    I love tham all I have top gun for all way to 3 up to 9 I just have lotes fun useing it lote

  7. Mark Taylor

    Hi quickbaby. Im thinking of useing jap tanks tier3 medium right thru to tier10 what if you find good hideing place would you stand better chance or do i stay with my british medium tanks but as you look thru all medium tank dont matter if its british tank or not the price of other tanks are very dear to buy and it can take ages to work up tank tree at times. Or is it best to things like camo net etc etc. If you or anyone else got any thoughts or idea on this please let me no thanks as i watch this jap vid least once a wk. Any info would be great to no

  8. Jose Guerra

    Hey quicky baby what do you think of world of tanks on x box 360 or do you like the pc game better

  9. Андрей Юдин

    Парни, действительно хорошие гайды сомтрите лучше у амвея, джова, вспышки
    а здесь хересь какаято непонятная

  10. Shah Azmeer

    just destroy chi-ri with one hit
    anyway its a awesome tank

  11. Arthedain TheDarkbringer

    16:20 What…? Isn't it fairly obvious that the rifled gun is there so you don't have to grind the type 61 gun with that terrible M3A1 gun?

  12. Mister Dinner

    to the type 95 ha go completely obliterated

  13. Ryan Adams

    how do the game makers know about all these tanks like the prototypes they r very clever. r u starting to play the xbox edition cause french tanks r comin very soon

  14. Ласточка

    STB-1 is such a sexy tank ;D

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