World of Tanks || 8.10 – Object 430

Preview of the new Tier 10 Soviet medium the Object 430.


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  1. The Unbiased Player

    Man, I remember back in the days.

  2. Anton Liljekvist

    You need to do an updated review of this tank now. It's rather different now.

  3. Jeramey Manuel

    its reassuring that NOW the obj 430 has a higher rpm

  4. Stellan Page

    Please can I just have a final answer what should I go for I am at the end of the object 416 and have a chance to go to the object 430, object 140 and the t62a

  5. rock ok

    waiting for another german medium tank

  6. Luke Baker-Cowling

    hehehehe 11:12 XD

  7. scimitar1100

    With 3 tier 10 mediums you really can't go wrong, I plan to get all 3!

  8. MyDaRkN3SsLiV3s

    At least they have a version of the T-64 in here, I just want a T-72

  9. Derek Rollie

    Awesome tank, it's my first T10. I put up some replays, it's so bouncy.

  10. Smash Lotus

    Its a Russian bias game the Russians get default predator cloak magic alpha damage, magic Russian bounce armor when you should die  cough MT 25 cough

  11. GamePlay Full

    Make video off Object 430 II .tnx

  12. Nicson Nicolas

    Hummm is those gold shells are cheap?

  13. isobitis69

    As QB stated, that was the test server where I was amazed too by 430-the tier 10 T54. In real servers I cannot recall a single ding on frontal armor while turret is vulnerable and fire is frequent as in the other 2 russian meds. Grinding to get it is a torture and you finally get a typical russian medium  with worst gun than the other 2 and no advantage at all regarding armor.

  14. Vmac

    after long time of grind i can say, his front hul is the same sloped as t62a , but its 120 so … u can tel me its armored like t54, but no , its beter his side armor is much stronger, this sloped 55 is so much sloped that when u sidescrap enemy have BIIIG problem to pen ( this cod be 10 mm armor this is sloped so much that its rycosaiting by game mechanics) so u can turn ur hull more so front armor wil be sloped so much that hi will have 230 eal armor , is 3 have problems 😉 , also best camo on tier 10 med , beter than bat  (17.5)

  15. Karl Rohde

    QB: Of the three, if you only wanted one, liked playing aggressive with a bit of sniping thrown in, which would you go for? 

  16. Klespio

    hes always good ? in the 8.11 ?

  17. Арснт Питерский

    Ob.430 – is garbage, There are no decisive advantages, but shootreakton is one of the slowest for MT 10t. DpM realisation have to be troublesome.

  18. shdrakan

    Love the tank skin

  19. ZZstaff

    WG nerfed the turret on the tier 8 by removing the slope and making the armor vertical [even though it looks sloped].  Have they done the same thing with tier 9 and 10 in this line of tanks?

  20. The Random Dude XD

    Why didnt he mentioned about that medium tank have an APCR rounds as the same as STB-1 for standard ammonution, Which is special for a normal tank at all for standard shells