World of Tanks || 8.11 – Redshire Changes

Huge changes to Redshire on standard!


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  1. Trần Thanh Tùng

    do you know about hack this game
    if you know, can you help me and people hack it.^^'

  2. GollumsFish

    I always have a hard time scouting this map. Looking forward to your map tactics on this one.

  3. selsig

    thanks for walk through bro

  4. Butthole

    I'm just staring on the map and all those tanks

  5. Epickills15

    QB can you go back to doing map tactics please i really liked to watch them

  6. ScoutSniper127

    No more camp fests…

  7. Bloodshade

    Minimap from 5:20 to 5:50 looks awesome…. Random thought, I know.

  8. mofosamo

    Port removed you say. Sir I beg you, do not tease me. 

  9. Zeno Damoiseaux

    I would not reccomend to do that, my friend!

  10. JohnnyJLC

    How come You have a US server thing beside your name and not a EU server on test server ? I tough you was in europe