World of Tanks || 8.11 – Windstorm – NEW MAP

New 8.11 map Windstorm.


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  1. That Aussie Fur

    That Moment When You Realize That A Tier 9 Medium Tank Is Faster Than Your Tier 2 Light.

  2. That Aussie Fur

    You Can Just Be Silly It Looks Like. THE CONGO LINE!

  3. That Aussie Fur

    Lol Theres People Tryin To Push U Off Into The Water. So,That Kind Of Mode Is Where You Just See Whats Around The Map And Things Like That?

  4. Skitter Mc

    little Stuart rolling down hill not wanting to get ram kill….

  5. Forever Alone Drone

    Darude – Windstorm

  6. Ty Cetto

    Where's your MODS pack?

  7. darrin r

    Had good games on this map..

  8. mac take

    waltz for QuickyBaby!

  9. Drelon

    Does anyone notice that everyone is following him?

  10. HotStuff12368

    how did you play that map?

  11. WulfOne

    The windstorm map is good though.

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