World of Tanks || 8.11 – Winter Himmelsdorf

First game on the Winter Himmelsdorf skin!


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  1. Sean Zhu

    Much wow, doge confirm

  2. Scotty OD

    So glad I found this video again. I watched this video just hear Quickybaby say "BWAH, WE'VE BLOODY FUCKIN RUINED DEM" XD

  3. alexander1485

    i always go tracks on that map.

  4. MegaStodd

    "So much wow" Hells yea". I usually watch these muted for that reason, sorry but your voice gives me a headache i just wanted to peep the new maps. not listen to someone talk in retard voice 

  5. 박디메

    i love u so much

  6. WGA Jasysae PL

    Hello QB 🙂

    Many thanks for explaining the upcomming changes to our players and for the great work you are doing for our community with your videos.

    Wargaming English Ambassador – Jasysae

  7. DaRealRex _

    What is that tank?

  8. Kostly

    wintersdorf the new name for this map 😉

  9. Golem WoT

    Does the additional skin mean Himmelsdorf is now in the rotation twice? (same for Ruinberg I guess) -> Arty will love that.

  10. Kamagel007

    Finally i bored them to death on forums to implement more immersing elements 🙂
    Especially seasonal changes and possible weather modifications, and day/night cycles…  mod that changes maps into winter ones made them think… and i am glad they did changes .. woohoo funpatch

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