World of Tanks – 8.8 update VK 36.01 H

Hello everyone, my name is Bloodstainer and today I’ll be taking a look at the VK 36-01 H and its recent changes since becoming a Heavy Tanks.

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  1. Kungfuarjun S

    U play just like me

  2. Kungfuarjun S

    30 k with it and most in tier 8 battles

  3. Josh Ang

    Tee-er not tyre

  4. Brook Tree

    I like it alot,it fights against Tiers 7-8 pretty well.

  5. Benjamin Cravey

    wow so the guns nerfed and they put it in a heavy class… gg WG

  6. Jun Lee

    This vid is a great help, thank you

  7. Jun Lee

    I nearly have the VK36.01h only need 1000xp!

  8. Bloodstainer

    Yes, but that's not true either, because the Churchill VII doesn't have problem with penetrating a Tiger II in the front if you know where to aim. The problem I have with the L/56 isn't just the low pen value, but its the bad accuracy compared to the L/70 gun. And other 75mm guns as well

  9. Kristoffer Lilja

    Neither of them can penetrate a higher tier heavy from the front, its all about getting sideshots in. Often you can only get one shot in before they turn, and since the Churchill does 150 damage per shot its really hard to make a difference. But I suppose its all personal preference.The ARL 44 still has the best gun of any tier 6 in my oppinion.

  10. Bloodstainer

    Oh Really? I have no problem what so ever penetrating tier 8 heavy tanks with the churchill gun when the L/56 can barely scratch the tier 7s

  11. Kristoffer Lilja

    Everyone seems to be complaining about this tank since the patch but Ive played this alot and have had no issues at all. I actualy think its better now than before. The L/56 in theory has lower penetration but in practice I never have any issues with penetration. The Churchill MKVIIs gun is MUCH worse in that case.

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