World of Tanks || 9.0 – AMMO RACKS!

Blowing up 30 Leopard 1 tanks with turrets flying everywhere and giant explosions!


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  1. Andrei Cristian

    How ammo rack was before that update?

  2. WashuHakubi4

    Strangest WoT video statement ever: "Thirty mice are meeting in the middle."

  3. Yousuf Hasan - YH World

    Jerd Leto's laugh 3:39

  4. F.M.F 69

    Atom Bomb

  5. Aaron Aj

    how does ammo rack work?

  6. Matthew Hutnick

    so what happens when a fixed gun TD gets ammo racked?

  7. aka secret

    where to hit to blow up the ammo rack

  8. jack brasinski

    so if i want to ammo rack where do i shoot in the middle of the side,donno

  9. Wyatt Playz

    I swear 25 to 30 percent of the the games I played in the tiger p I was ammo racked. and I played 450 plus in it!

  10. Alexandre Santo

    hey there… i have on replay one total diferent amo rack efeckt…

  11. A Broken Peice of Crap That Should Be Fixed


  12. Oliver Cromwell

    So here's the real question: if you ammo racked that Leopard that the turret landed on, would it blow off BOTH turrets?

  13. Trailer Park

    Would getting smushed by a maud turret do more damage since it's heavier

  14. Barnaby Bourbon

    How do you change ammo on ps4 while in battle

  15. Leader of the world

    yeah it's so much cool but when you get blow up i'm not sure that going to be good thing for you , as Tiger I for my 72 games with it it (it's new) i got 3 times ammo rack for me (my tank got ammo rack) and 2 times i was 50% of HP that was really bad for me as TIGER I it should be more powerful that what the make it in the game, that's it have good day all

  16. En Svensk Grabb

    I would love to shoot them when they all was like a square with my artillery

  17. The Rotsnockets

    when the maus turret lands on ur tank, it must be like god taking a huge dump on u

  18. Dr pepper 54

    I will ammo rack more people!