World of Tanks 9.0 Gameplay – Baron’s First Game! – WOT 9.0

World of Tanks 9.0 – Baron and Sherman take out their Tier 1 Tanks for their first game in the newly patched World of Tanks 9.0, as our heroes pick the British and French lines of tank to start a new series…
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  1. David Snoek

    your first game is very better than my.. I am destroyed in ONE minute.

  2. mat24ist

    if u ever want to platoon contact me my in game name is

  3. Jack1nthecrack

    Im seeing so many bad comments about WoT who cares if you hate the graphics or hate how invisible tanks can destroy you thats how the game was made and you shouldnt compare it to WT because WT is a simulator and WoT is arcade not a sim

  4. Jack1nthecrack

    I got the 210th like

  5. Cameron Brown

    AMBUSHED! Hahahaha 😀

  6. noob168

    wow…baron u played like an average retard in the game….but u guys were havin fun 😛 LOL

  7. LuigianoMariano

    To reach the goodness that is the BDR G1B, you must suffer the Char B1.
    Are you prepared to suffer, Sherman?

  8. Love Machine

    eh the game is crap with all the bots,morons,broken mm. I will only re-installs this game when they fix it and remove health bars.

  9. Phoenix Fire

    You two derping around at tier 1 is hilarious

  10. Phoenix Fire

    Stock tier 1s FTW

  11. Santa Six

    9.0 is a huge let down. They should've waited till everything was done. The game already felt finished. It feels like it's in beta again. 

  12. Zif Chen


  13. Maker Ahn

    Sherman on the Sherman

  14. Kyoya Izumi

    I'm game if you guys ever want to platoon on tanks
    – Koizumi

  15. terror499

    more WOT vids PLEASE