World of Tanks || 9.0 Mod Pack with XVM

Get my latest XVM Mod Pack for 9.0!

XVM 5.2.1 with custom config
Locastan – Minimap indicators.
Zoom Mod
QB 6th Sense


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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.

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  1. Panda CHU


  2. bert schnullibert

    shut up dont cant download

  3. Cuza TV

    A right we can give 9.7 because this is an older version

  4. Dilyn Woodside

    If I'm in 0.9.4 do I need too replace it with the 0.9.0??

  5. ilias christofides

    hello i just put the  program  on but my camera over view  is not working  i mean at 4.32     >>>>>  how can i fix my  camera so i can see from top range my tank ??? pls help

  6. ReaverWall

    How does one change so that the map is in a more zoomed in scale?

  7. Henry Petkau

    How do I remove the zoom?

  8. Glade8ter

    does nothing – guess it needs an update

  9. theapple0

    I love it only the t28 prot has a bug in it, my gun cant turn please fix it and thank you for making the pack i love it

  10. Dénes Ferenc Varga

    i doesn't want to work for me although i did everything as mentioned in the video :'(

  11. Arsenal Guys

    after download should i restart my pc or update my wot file?
    help please.i use all his instruction but my xvm still not there

  12. javier bezzari

    Hey have you got spot light with it

  13. Ernest Harrelson

    Thanks Quickybaby,,,,, you are brilliant!!! hopefully this mod will help me get out of this 45% bs,,, I am better than that, much better. smile

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