1. Honor Réfi

    ty love u

  2. wkwkwk Bangsawan

    thx m8 it works

  3. Petr Halamka

    can you please put a link to a scope you have for arty?

  4. Brutal Gaming Bg

    dont work

  5. Tahir Butt

    is it working now? because today after update it is not working when i press g nothing happens 🙁 help



  7. Hydro GER

    i cant press g

  8. HOOVYLORD &&&

    On Mac?

  9. andy fire

    Can u help me i did all the things u said but its not working 🙁

  10. Will L

    i got it works perfectly thanks 🙂

  11. Protectron

    dis works on any versions of wot?

  12. Rene Petrov

    why does it not show me the link?

  13. tobias dawn

    Is that allowed

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