1. ServantOfGod #

    I can see it in the list ( Settings/Sound ) and I clicked apply but it doesn't work in game

  2. Killer Gaming

    What is the sound in? What program?

  3. Josiah Stankus

    thank you very much. This was very helpful

  4. Talon-ted Owl

    Thx dude!

  5. Phương Khang Phạm

    i did and got a terrific sound. Not equal to original sound, Any ideas ?

  6. Reiley Nicol

    how do u change the sound to a mp3 file. mine says its a mp3 format sound.

  7. xXxCraftmexXx man bruh

    I did everything 2, 3 times and still no voice when spotted not even variant 1 or vairant 2 but when they destroy me and go to spec mode and my teammatea get spotted it works, 🙁 somebody help 🙁

  8. Mateja Varnjas

    Somebody help It worked all but when I go in game and get spotted still no sound 🙁

  9. Retired_Gunz

    where is a good place to locate these sound bits

  10. Matt Barrack Bass

    Thanks. It worked, but it plays extremely fast when it popped up. Like a tape being rewinded or something. Anybody know how to fix that?

  11. Dzony X

    Must I have 100% trained commander ?

  12. Blue_ Menace

    friend of mine set a duck quack

  13. Foster E


  14. Vitor Pereira

    thank you dude

  15. Balázs Szalai

    Hello! I have a problem.It's not working.I didn't have mods,i renamed the file before I took it into the folder,and,it's not working.Any idea?

  16. Alli CZECH

    i have gta 5 death sound 😀

  17. Theo Moxie

    were is that sound and where can i download it?
    got sixth sense on some commanders

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