World of Tanks || 9.22 Soviet Tech Tree

World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at the upcoming changes to the Soviet Tech Tree in the 9.22 update!

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  1. Herr Kasteleiner

    Great Video

  2. TheD1fficult

    Can I buy the T10 and sell both Tier9 tanks then to get more credits?

  3. Viktor Grahl

    So, this means that, if I buy the T-10 with the christmas event discount on it (-40%) I get the tank for only 2.118.600 credits and I will get the obj. 257 when 9.22 goes live. If I then sell both tanks again, I will get roughly 3.5 million credits for that, which means I made a profit of about 1.4 million credits? If yes, then thats a great thing to do to prepare for the new patch!

  4. lordraptor11

    i dont know why wg keeps doing this crap, the "game" itself is a joke, they have made it so bad that it is essentially pay to win and even then they have it geared to make people keep spending money by consistantly putting them on retard "teams".  WoT isnt a game, games imply fun but if you cannot win battles because the deck is stacked against you with teams full of full on retards which sucks all the "fun" out of it you cant really classify it a game.

  5. TheCount181

    Why can't they keep the SU-122-54 and make it a premium tier 8. I love this TD and hate that i'm going to lose it. One of the most fun tanks to bully tanks with. Like the SU-122-44.

  6. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Hey QB WTFE100 coming WoT again as personal mission new season prize tank 😉

  7. The Fluffy Llama


  8. Kaswi 85

    is here xvm for this update

  9. Malosky 80

    wooow i take a year break.. comeback to my one any only fave tank (obj 430 being moved a tier … rip game

  10. Jdan The Man

    Time to start grinding the Russian lines for the first time ever

  11. Rusty

    So playing the Obj 430 line right now means nothing. If you dont have the obj 430 researched or bought by the time 1.0 hits you have to go back to the t44 to get it? Im playing the Obj 416 and only a couple hour grind to the Obj 430V2, which is easy. So what happens to the 430 2 when it hits and i dont have the 430 researched? Im i boned and get thrown down a line i dont want to play?
    All i wanted was the 430 to begin with. I need answers….HELP.

  12. dede5dede3

    ok but what about a Tiger II ?

  13. Cookie marciano Schink

    all right that game is dead for me

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