World of Tanks || 9.6 Mod Pack with XVM

Get my latest XVM Mod Pack for 9.6! ►WN8 Updated for 11/02/2015

XVM with Custom Config
Zoom Mod
QB 6th Sense


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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.

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  1. crambone t

    Who really cares about stats and what other people have done??
    Wether your good or bad, long as your having fun.. Who cares.

  2. Jonathan Nykvist

    i dont have a res_mod folder,
    can someone help me?

  3. Tha Eazy Z

    u should add auto aim bot and more other cool mods

  4. Dank Heckster

    Thanks QuickyBaby

  5. TBB5413

    Put it in the WOT folder AND res…nothing happens. 0:30

  6. firdaus cesaro

    Umm this mod can Asia server?

  7. yamaha yz

    i cant get xvm to work i launch it with mods (without xvm installed) and i install xvm but when it goes to the garage it just says updating garage for forever and i cant do any thing. If you know how to fix this or what i shoud do plz help 🙁

  8. Stefan Florea

    Dont work -.-

  9. eteila

    Hello there! how can I rotate the minimap??  its upside down 🙁
    There is no option to fix in the editor.

  10. Sebastian Kouk

    sorry but this video dont help me…!!!!very bad….

  11. spudnic

    can i download it on mac? if so how cause i drag it into the folder wot res mods and nothing happens

  12. Domagoj Furlic

    does it work for 9.7.

  13. TheRoyEven

    No more xvm modpack he does not have the time annymore.

  14. Kalaskula2000

    9.7………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? Game is unplayable without this modpack 🙁

  15. Duard Schartzer

    i just tried to download this and man i got tons of spam that was detected by my spyware as being bad!i would not go to the link at all

  16. gabi8o

    QUICKY, what about 9.7 xvm mod?

  17. ThePiXbO

    You could release mod for 9.7…..

  18. Davy Derison

    Hi QuickyBaby, do you have an ETA when you wil post your update for 9.7? I mean your great modpack offcourse 😉

  19. UncleChan

    What happens to xvm for 9.7? Does wargaming ban xvm?

  20. GG Moltendark

    do you have a mod pack for 9.7?

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