World of Tanks || 9.8 Map Changes

Overview of the key map changes to some of your favourites from the latest 9.8 update: Karelia, Siegfried Line, Sand River and Westfield.


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  1. Alex Tea

    Maybe im just a noob but i have no idea where and how to change maps, i see world map in some videos and have no idea why i have non of these options, also limited to 7v7 while videos show mass battles on huge maps. Also i saw video about japanese tanks, also missing that so wtf 🙁

  2. Sander Wieringa

    Sand river was already one of the most retarded maps and is now on my number 1 most retarded map. Sand river u suck!

  3. 白銀大和*Yamato-kai_2199

    some yay, some ouch…..

    I have honestly thought that Westfield needs to remove, I was wrong, this change made feel like, I'm home!!!

  4. Gervastein

    +QuickyBabyTV  9.8 map changes…more like 9.8 map fuck-ups!

    WG made a retarded job of 'balancing' these maps, especially siegfried line and  sand river…bushes on the western field of siegfried line ARE NEEDED, or scouts are as much use as tits on a fish, that ridge is useless too cos the only tank that can use it effectively is the st emil with that gun depression, otherwise you'd have to peek out so much that you would get rekt by anything camping at the back. the position you love and everybody loves is now gone and there is no good attacking position for the assaulters, cos if you poke the ridgeline, you get spotted by the campers and in a few seconds you're dead.

    as for sand river, they totally fucked that map. it's completely unbalanced for the defenders now, as they have nowhere for their lightly-armoured TDs to camp and to engage at long range. the mid ridge was a good spotting and sniping point for the assaulters, now it can be spotted waay too easily and you don't have any passive scouting options.

    the F9 zone, the ridge, is now just too flat to offer cover to any tank. mediums without monster turret armour and gun depression can't do anything there, nor can scouts cos as soon as you try to get in a bush, you get spotted and raped. i feel like the only position that needed nerfing on that map was the hill in K3, but now it's OVERNERFED. i don't feel like the defenders had an advantage, cos if they camped at the back, the scouts in the middle zone could just sit in a bush and passive spot anything. 

    most of the times i lost while assaulting was because of time, if i had 1-2 more mins i could have capped or killed the last enemy. i am very disappointed about these un-needed changes, and the penetration nerfs coming in 9.9 make me want to uninstall (yes tell me to uninstall as much as you want if it makes you happy) and go play war thunder, which is slightly improving in ground forces..just my thoughts, would like to know yours

  5. Negutescu Valentin

    you forgot about the southern part of Karelia. On the south-team part there was an OP bush that made that flank almost 80% of the time won by the south team. Also they modified a lot of the ground to the north of that flank

  6. Ronald de Rooij

    First of all, I played the new maps and I did not notice the changes, haha! Noob me. Secondly, I think on the whole they are improvements. Thirdly, I think the deforstation is going too far.

  7. Whitefang0331

    Is that a rifle bag near his couch in the corner? Or does he like play tennis or an instrument?

  8. lordchipmonk

    One thing you alluded to but didn't explicitly mention is that by opening up the river on Sand river, when in an assault game, the central ridge that the attacked team could use to spot from and provide supporting fire from has been heavily nerfed,

  9. Peter Seagrave

    WoWs anchor in game… QB wearing a WoWs shirt… Illuminati confirmed!

  10. Jasper Tielen

    on westfield the north team still has advantage by putting TD on A3

  11. hil8945

    Would you be as enthusiastic about the map changes if you played tank destroyer regularly?

  12. Morgan's Channel

    I wonder why the Wargaming Deforrestation department just doesn't flat out all maps and remove everything besides ground… or otherwise just removes the tanks they don't want to see from the game…

  13. heridfel

    On balance I like the changes to Karelia and especially to Westfield. There are still some good long-distance locations for TDs. I play them mostly and don't feel like it's become impossible. Swamp is still the best map for TDs, it has a good sniper hill for each team

  14. Nihilon_Travels

    Sand River: It's now even more impossible to attack in assault. if those changes really meant to help the attacking team, that was the biggest fail ever! It doesnt have such unbalanced effect on encounter or standard.

  15. Younis Ramos

    they r decreasing the effectiveness of TDs and preventing camping but unfortunately light tanks r losing there effectiveness as well for example: in sand river when i was in the assaulting team with my light tanks i used to charge to the middle hill and actively spot anyone camping on the ridge lined toward me but now it is equally accessible for the defending team to reach me and dig me out in seconds

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