World of Tanks || A Bad Match Up

Today ExtremeDivern is going to show you how to play, the Panther, in a bad match up.


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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.

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  1. Deadly ninja chicken

    There's no 88mm for the panther…

  2. grazyface 1

    did he say jagdpanther at 4:04

  3. Jonodude0

    This bitch ass tank gets ammo racked at least once a game it feels like. Not too uncommon unfortunately

  4. Daniel Lavrinenkl

    what is better, vertical stabilizer or enhanced gun laying drive?

  5. Mark Hetem

    much has changed since then this tank gets outmatched by most other tanks now including those @ T5

  6. Oliver Evans

    Just play war thunder
    Problem solved

  7. Simon Ocean

    Crazy and amazing gameplay. Horrid match up and facing off against the biggest guns on the enemy team. Simply outplaying them.

  8. Jussi Raitoniemi

    battle statics change when the game develops

  9. Megargel Pano

    for me that's a great tank german, speed, little much armor and the gun don't take too much damage sometime but is reload very fast

  10. Charles Courtwright

    seems like a tier 7 German matilda

  11. Colonel James Braddock

    nice "imporved aiming", good game but with an aiming help…not the big effort

  12. Tapan Dabhi

    Wow superb game, I am getting the panther in a couple days:)

  13. Stephen Hintz

    Unfortunate to have his ammo rack damaged? Bitch, please! That's every fucking game in a German tank! And if it's not the ammo, it's the engine that gets hit!

  14. Deadlocked21

    jeez did u notice QB 6 MARKS OF EXCELLENCE ON GUN BARREL

  15. nikkolodian

    Love playing this tank even when my win rate in this big cat is not good.

  16. TheMightyCongueror

    Hopefully I can take this video,and try and do better in games where I'm in horrible matchmaking,I'm a below average player,But I'm trying to get better,hopefully I will eventually be an Average,good,or even great Player eventually…we'll see.

  17. Tomáš Šumpela

    Služba SnoopaVision je ve verzi beta a pro video World of Tanks || A Bad Match Up bude k dispozici dne 29. 7. 2068.

  18. Jussi Raitoniemi

    what is this map called? i only have to blitz version of the game if your wondering

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