World of Tanks – A new Soviet Premium tank STG Guard

A new Soviet medium tank in World of Tanks. A powerful gun with high damage per shot. A low silhouette and well-protected turret make this tank a difficult target. A unique exterior.
STG Guard—your contribution to victory!

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  1. Wargaming Europe

    Hello everyone <3
    The STG Guard is now available on the battlefield! How would you play it in battle for best success?

  2. NoirBleu

    WG should add a game mode for premiums, Tiger 2 is shunned

  3. ThaDerpyMuffin

    British tanks? We haven't had any tanks added in forever.

  4. pukalo [CDN]

    There are currently 93 tier 8 tanks released in WoT. 52 of them are premiums.

  5. LeonidasGFX

    Error 404: "Balance not found"

  6. YouSuck

    Oooh, another Prem Tank?! You rarely add those!

  7. Kanonen Jagdpanzer

    Stop it. Get some help. #paytowin

  8. Gallant Fatco Razy

    9.21.. All tier 8 prems gonna get special MM.. so we cant meet standart tanks anymore.. Let tier 8 prems battle each other.. so standart tanks can enjoy random battle..

  9. John Doe

    This tank isn't worth the price… in WoT you're always fighting on unlevel terrain, gun depression and armor isn't there for STG. It has decent good accuracy and alpha dmg but thats it. On city maps this tank can do well in hands of a skilled player but for most folks then is a 750dmg and dead tank.

  10. Xstermanator

    Next premium: The waffleskorpiondefender E100 with 10 500dmg shot autoloader, insane turret and hull armour and gun depression and goes 60mph

  11. Tank Tube183

    Wow i was starting to think wg made another lame prem,I was wrong,very wrong l love this

  12. Sethus


  13. Sergio González Torres

    Just coming here to see the like:dislike ratio and the comments.

  14. PolarGaming

    LUL lets take down first video because it had too many dislikes

  15. Aritaka

    When will Spanish tanks and Italian tanks, Finnish tanks comes to the game? Stop adding another premium "balanced" tank

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