1. Richard Reeves

    Thank you for the replay. I love playing this tank. Like you said getting lit up and ammo racked is pretty common. Can you make more guides for this tank? Anyway thanks have great day.

  2. President Donald Trump

    Look, i like this tank okay Lem? I need it okay give it to me

  3. John De Rosa

    nice fight rush ay what you recon of the 11o chinese heavy tier 8

  4. Laura E

    my favourite premium tank, and I have way too many of them. Potato gun is potato, but it's a fun tank to play, has a lot of potential and makes you learn really fast as you need to work around the weaknesses of the vehicle; and when you do it rewards you greatly. Not a tank for everyone, if you tend to rage after your shot missed or bounced when you thought you aimed it, buy something else like the Patriot.

  5. DivineDawn

    im having so much trouble with this tank lol love hate relationship just that damn gun same gun the su-122-44 gets same as is6 and is and yet in the su i can shoot tanks at 300m and score hits this thing i struggle at 100m helpful review tho i only have 1 skill crew atm

  6. Joshua Van Der Merwe

    This tank is just horrible… The gun just makes this tank utterly useless. The armor is also… well, shit.

  7. Dennis Zhao

    Thanks for the advice, but I dont know if I am doing anything wrong, everytime I try to go for a hull-down on a top of a hill of a slope(not very sloped), i get shot in my lower plates

  8. First Order Stormtrooper

    I own the type 59, but im wondering if getting its ugly sister is worth it

  9. kaskaderpfc

    what mouse do you have ?

  10. Max Tyberius

    Another unicum tank….can't you do a guide for bad tanks? Or is it unicums don't use bad tanks? Just Op ones? Please do a guide for the D.W.2 or the Type 95…

  11. Rachid Khamlichi

    Your a great youtuber, only problem is your in game video quality is garbage

  12. Edwin Anderson, Jr.

    your tips on this tank are very helpful especially the use of HE as I am building crew skills.

  13. Joshua Ellis

    liked and subscribed'

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