World of Tanks: AFK Players

Clopping makes you MVP.

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Music used:
World of Tanks/Warships by

Sound used:
Team Fortress 2 by Valve

Taken photos: 1.806
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 10
Camera used: Sony SLT-A58

Idea: APC227
Filming: APC227
Editing: APC227

Thanks again!


  1. Storied Treasures

    Buahahaahahaha that dang Maus ending

  2. Ethan Bogutskie

    I love how heavy says you are so ded and a tank with a train horn

  3. Mr. Dinamita


  4. Inigo Morales

    Silly panzer tank the thing he is sleeping

  5. Jian Ng

    Love the TF2 voices.

  6. Marcincko

    Where did you buy that tank model?

  7. alex kozee

    Lol " words can not describe how much I hate France right now

  8. Soldier wii

    Pz maus so op it makes the world blow up

  9. Trinity T.M.I.S

    what means MVP?

  10. jason wot replays

    Words cannot express how much I hate French right now XD hahahahah

  11. star59_mcun4

    2:172:40 my favourite part

  12. Lil Elc Bis

    Sherman (US tank): words cannot express(or what did he said idk) how much i hate France right now!

    Amx 13(French tank): WHAT???