World of Tanks || Aggressive Scouting

World of Tanks || Aggressive Scouting

World of Tanks. Today I’m playing the T8 German light tank the RU 251 on a mission to get as much as I possibly can in the least possible time.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Brody Barnes

    I feel bad for how trolled you get qb


    That hand-brake turn was ACE

  3. TTP _2017

    hey quickybaby,love your vids but thought it was out of order to talk about kids like that . personally i am a child and would never fire at someone like that so you should stop using that steriotype.

  4. Justin

    Why is teamkilling even a thing? It just allows for morons like the T110E5 to fuck people's rounds up.

  5. Philipus Wijaya

    T110e5 have 0 IQ

  6. FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    And still i hate light tanks… you just can't make mistakes with them + you need luck allways.

  7. Xbox Azullium

    I prefer passive scouting with the RU 251, it has good view range, decent camo, and a nice gun.

  8. Plebasaurus Rekt

    Spotting the enemy isnt that hard for me, but getting my imbecill team to shot them, thats another story…

  9. Victor78 KH1 HY QB i have an other inpresive scouting battle for you, but instead of a light who is scouting it is a type 5 heavy. Hope you like the passive heavy scout 😉 (almost 10k spotting dmg)

  10. Cookie Games

    "i'm gonna wedge my tank as deep into the bush as I can." QB 2017